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Sunday May 19th 2024


Derek Jeter: Why Jeter Will Finish His New York Yankees Career with 4,000 Hits

Jeter currently has 3,207 hits (and counting) in his 17-year Yankee career. Jeter is 38 years old and just 793 hits away from joining Ty Cobb and Pete Rose as the only players ever to break 4,000 hits.

It might seem stupid to think a 38-year-old can get 800 more hits in his career, but Derek Jeter is a lot farther away from retirement than it might have seemed last year.

At Jeter's current pace (barring any injuries), he is collecting about 200 hits a season and is on pace for 100 more in 2012. When asked about retirement during spring training this year, Jeter said that he would only retire if he were not able to play the game at a high level and have fun. 

So for Jeter to reach 4,000 hits, it would only take him 3.5 more seasons ...

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