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Monday May 20th 2024


Derek Jeter: It’s Time for the New York Yankees Captain To Move Down the Order

class="MsoNormal">Two weeks into the 2011 season and Derek Jeter has yet to redeem himself from his disappointing 2010 slump.

The future hall of famer, who once possessed the qualities of speed, power and consistency, has contributed endlessly to the New York Yankees, leading them to five monumental World Series wins. Unfortunately, after years of playing up to par, Derek Jeter’s caliber as a player is starting to diminish.

Although Jeter is known for attaining the leadoff or second position in the lineup, his recent performance has proved he is no longer the diligent player he once was. The less Jeter is able to contribute to each game as the second hitter, the more the Yankees are feeling the harmful ...

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