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Sunday May 19th 2024


Derek Jeter: How One Player Can Be an All-Time Great and Overrated.

Ripken, Jr., is one of the most celebrated players in baseball history.  Practically the Patron Saint of the state of Maryland, Ripken was beloved by home fans and road fans alike.  

Towards the end of his career, fans would flock to the ballpark in droves in order to catch a glimpse of what was palpably a living legend.

Why?  Because he played the game the right way, he showed up for work every single day, and in the 1990s, as his skills began to erode, he kept playing long, hard games every day, and kept working to get better.

Everyone loved Cal Ripken, Jr.

Albert Belle is one of the most loathed horse's asses in baseball history.  Essentially the nastiest piece of work to hit the major leagues in ...

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