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Saturday June 15th 2024


Dallas Braden-Alex Rodriguez Feud: Hypocrisy Runs Amok with Yankees

thought the war of words from Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez was a one-time deal. It took a place when that game at Oakland in a few weeks ago ended.

The day after that game, the Yankees carried it on by ripping Braden. Mark Teixeira, Derek Jeter and CC Sabathia called Braden out for being a whiner and a journeyman.

That inspired Braden to call out Rodriguez in an interview on CSN California.com last Thursday.

Rodriguez and Sabathia kept it going by insulting Braden for doing nothing in the majors. Rodriguez talked about not prolonging Braden's 15 minutes of fame while Sabathia called him stupid basically.

Braden responded by throwing a perfect game Sunday afternoon against the Rays. It was the biggest moment of his ...

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