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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Comparing Some of the Greatest Hitters in Major League Baseball History

is one of the happiest days of the year, as Spring Training opens. It makes all of us kids again, remembering the snap of ball into mitt and the unique sound of a well struck ball off a wooden bat.

As has been so often said, "Hope Springs Eternal."  Even the fans of perennial cellar dwellers can find some invigoration in Spring Training as we look to the future.

It also makes all of us who are baseball fans turn to our past. One of the things that makes our favorite game so great is the statistics and our ability to compare one player to another even if they played 80 years apart.

With that in mind, I could not help but think of some of the game's greatest hitters. So, I decided to do some comparisons.

Some caveats ...

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