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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Comparing Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada’s Not So Different Seasons

now the entire baseball world has heard what transpired this weekend between the Yankees and Jorge Posada.

Note: I would have never put either guy in that spot. This would be my hypothetical lineup, as sometimes the ramifications of making such a move are not worth it.

Posada has gotten off to a lousy start, and if it weren't for one good day in Texas against Dave Bush, Jeter would be facing even more criticism. Over the last seven days since Jeter's big game on Sunday, he has hit .185/.233/.185 with no extra base hits. Posada, in fewer at-bats, has hit .300/.462/.300 with no extra base hits. 

Posada's batting average of .165 has been negatively affected by his .164 BABIP, which does not take into account his six home runs. ...

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