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Friday August 12th 2022


CC Sabathia: Is He Declining Faster Than the New York Yankees Guessed?

Sabathia has five more years to go. At least as a Yankee. For $23 million a year. Unless HE doesn't want to (given his player's option to quit after two more years).

Unless he's the team's answer to Jamie Moyer or Phil Niekro, he won't be worth $23 million in his seventh year. More to the point, he hasn't been worth $23 million in this, his SECOND year, according to FanGraphs. More like $18-$19 million year to date.

Sabathia IS the best pitcher with the New York Yankees. But he is doing so on a curve with aging hurlers like Andy Pettite and AJ Burnett. Meanwhile, a youngster named Phil Hughes is coming up fast, and is running neck and neck with Pettite for the second most productive pitcher.

In fact, Sabathia peaked at 7.5 WAR (wins ...

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