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Saturday April 20th 2024


Cashman Passes On Webb As Patience Plan Rolls On For Yankees

Texas Rangers signed Brandon Webb last week, a move classified by some in the baseball world as a "smart gamble" given the veteran pitcher's Cy Young Award pedigree and outstanding goatee.

Still, others regarded the signing as a "stretch" or "risk", or to tie it in with the counterpoint, a "stupid gamble" given Webb (a) hasn't pitched in two years and (b) has a right shoulder that could trade war stories with Hideki Matsui's knees and Don Mattingly's back.

It's likely Brian Cashman has had his fill of war stories after rolling the dice on Nick Johnson a year ago. Spurned by Cliff Lee, the Rangers decided to test their luck by choosing a Plan B that really deserved to be a Plan M.

It gives you some perspective on how paper-thin the market is this ...

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