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Friday June 14th 2024


Carl Crawford Will Be a Yankee in 2011, You Can Mark It Down Now

know the 2010 season hasn't even begun yet, but I'm going on record and making a bold prediction for the Yankees' near future.

That's right, I'm saying it now—Carl Crawford will be wearing pinstripes come 2011 and beyond.

Now, how can I be so sure? Why wouldn't Crawford go back to Tampa and play with the Rays for the rest of his career? It's a good question, considering Tampa has a decent team with lots of young talent and can contend at any time.

The only problem is that Crawford is such an attractive player who is entering the prime of his career right now at age 28, and the new Yankee Stadium is a home run haven, especially for left-handed batters.  Crawford could see his home run totals go up if he decides to call the ...

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