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Monday November 29th 2021


Captain Candid: Derek Jeter Opens Up on New York Yankees Contract Odyssey

the presses: Derek Jeter said something interesting.

We've waited a long time for this; sat through 15 years of interviews and press conferences devoid of even the slightest semblance of insight or intimacy.

It's been a decade and a half of stock quotes lifted from the Professional Athlete Handbook of Clichés, the foreword written, naturally, by Derek Sanderson Jeter.

Everyone from Peter Gammons to Suzyn Waldman, from Bob Costas to Sweeny Murti have attempted to get Jeter to divulge something...anything. No dice.

Vanilla is the flavor of the captain's ice cream. Frankly, who can blame him?

Vanilla doesn't provoke follow-up questions. Vanilla doesn't create friction with your manager. Vanilla doesn't lead to animosity with ...

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