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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Bryce Harper Must Be At-All-Cost Pursuit as Yankees’ Future Iconic Centerpiece

class="ui-droppable">Officially, the New York Yankees will be in the capital over the next two days for a two-game series against the Washington Nationals.

But they can also do some window shopping while they're there, with one particular item at the top of their wish list: Bryce Harper. It'll likely be a while before the Yankees actually have a shot at him, but this is their chance to at least imagine how great he would look in pinstripes.

The first and only time the Yankees got an up-close look at Washington's young right fielder before this week was back in June of 2012. He was just a 19-year-old pup at the time and was basically still a prospect with only 40-odd major league games under his belt.

Harper's going to look a little ...

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