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Sunday November 28th 2021


Boxed-in New York Yankees Lean On ‘Win Now! Worry Later!’ Strategy

Yankees know full well that offering Cliff Lee a seven-year guaranteed contract is a bad idea. At least, I think they do.

Lee will turn 33 during the 2011 season. Signing him to a deal that would conceivably pay him over $20 million the year he turns 40 doesn't exactly reek of fiscal responsibility.

No, it doesn't approach the mind-numbing idiocy of Alex Rodriguez's contract. The foolishness of that deal—home run "milestone" escalators and all—will be remembered by historians the same way they recall Napoleon's decision to invade Russia in the dead of winter. Thanks Hank!

A better parallel may be Jason Giambi, another established veteran star the Yankees signed to a multi-year contract using the "Win now! Worry later!" ...

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