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Monday May 20th 2024


Boston Red Sox Collapse: 10 Things It Means for the Yankees

year the race for the division title in the A.L East is exciting to the end. Clearly, this year is no different. Following this weekend's series with the Blue Jays, the Yankees finish up with two series against the Rays and one against the Red Sox.

The A.L East victor is far from being crowned as much can still happen. However, as it stands the Red Sox are reeling and hanging on to the Wild Card by a thread. They currently hold a three game lead over the Tampa Bay Rays (who they play over the weekend) and a four game hold over the Los Angeles Angels.

The Boston Red Sox are currently on a 3-11 stretch to start the month of September and are in danger of losing their playoff berth.

This article examines 10 things that the continual ...

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