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Wednesday July 24th 2024


Baseball Hit Hard; George Steinbrenner Passes Away at 80.

New York Yankees sent seven players to Angel Stadium for the All-Star game. This past week they've sent two legends to Angel heaven. Baseball lost a legend today and he's looking down on us now.

The problem is, most people looked down on him during his ownership career that began in 1973. What a career it was. As a young Yankees fan I sit here and try to write this but something doesn't feel right. As I watch current players Andy Pettite and Alex Rodriguez along with current coach Joe Girardi speak about Mr. Steinbrenner's passing one thing stands out to me.

Where is Derek Jeter?

Derek Jeter is not with those three Yankees, but I have a feeling that Jeter's actions in the All-Star game tonight will speak volumes as to how he feels ...

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