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Sunday April 14th 2024


Baltimore Orioles Similar to Early 90′s New York Yankees to Buck Showalter

the NY Post:

Maybe it is not a mirror image, but Buck Showalter admits becoming manager of the Orioles feels a bit like when he once became manager of the Yankees.

“It does [resemble it] a little bit,” Showalter said yesterday in The Bronx. “[There are] some similarities. ”Showalter has returned to the AL East after a 15-year hiatus. He has returned to managing any team after a 3½-season break. The 54-year-old skipper managed his first game with the Orioles on Aug. 3, and they promptly won his first four games and eight of his first nine. Yesterday he came back to Yankee Stadium, beating his old team 4-3 to make the Orioles 20-13 (.606) under his tenure.

Baltimore’s winning percentage prior to ...

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