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Monday April 15th 2024


Are the Yankees Headed for a 3rd Straight Year Without a Playoff Appearance?

class="ui-droppable">For almost two decades, the New York Yankees making the playoffs was more or less a given. That's a reputation and an expectation that materializes when, from 1995 through 2012, a team falls short only one time (in 2008).

But in going 84-78 last season—one game worse than their mark in 2013, by the way—the Yankees missed out on October for (gasp!) the second year in a row for the first time since 1992-93.

That stretch, from 1991-93, also marks the last time this franchise went three straight seasons sans the playoffs, which came amid a rough run of 12 consecutive postseason-less campaigns that spanned 1982-93.

The situation in the Bronx right now doesn't appear to be quite that dire, but given all that's ...

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