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Saturday May 26th 2018


Are Cano, A-Rod and Teixeira the Most Overrated ‘Heart of the Order’ in MLB?

Nos. 3-4-5 spots in the batting order are expected to be a baseball team's primary source of run production. The middle of the lineup is typically where a club's best hitters do their work. Get some runners on base, and the run producers will drive them in. 

However, when those Nos. 3-4-5 hitters struggle to drive runners in from scoring position (second and third base), a team is usually going to have trouble scoring runs.

Look at the New York Yankees, for example. There may be no more celebrated "heart of the order" in baseball than the trio of Robinson Cano, Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira. Those batters are certainly three of the highest-paid players in the sport. Yet they haven't produced anywhere close to expectations this season. 

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