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Friday June 21st 2024


Andy Pettitte of the New York Yankees Is an Outstanding Third Starter

Pettitte is not the best pitcher on the Yankees' staff, but he was the winningest Yankees pitcher in the 2009 postseason.

That's because he was their No. 3 starter.

CC Sabathia is clearly the front-runner, but between A.J. Burnett, who has a slightly lower ERA, and Pettitte, who has a marginally lower FIP (sabermetric ERA), it's not clear who's really second or third.

FanGraphs valued Pettitte's worth at $1 million more than Burnett's in 2009, meaning that he is a "very qualified" No. 3.

Sabathia had to pitch against top-of-the-rotation Cliff Lee of the Philadelphia Phillies, John Lackey of the Los Angeles Angels, and Brian Duensing of the Minnesota Twins in the first game of each series.

Burnett's initial ...

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