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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Analyzing Mark Teixeira’s ALDS Game Two Performance

Teixeira displayed more than a dramatic game winning Home run on Friday night. He showed, and proved to the Yankee Brass and Fans why he was worth every penny, both with the bat and the glove.

Teixeira's First at Bat (First Inning): He took the first two pitches to work a 2-0 count. He then proceeded to take two more pitches both called strikes. The count is 2-2 at this point and fouls off the next two pitches and, keeping the count at 2-2, but finally puts the ball in play; Popping out to short.

Teixeira's Second at Bat (Fourth inning): Same approach on working a 2-0 count. Teixeira does get a fastball and once again puts the ball in play; Popping out to second.

Teixeira's Third at Bat (Sixth Inning): Once again Teixeira ...

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