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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


All-Star Voting Update: Mark Teixeira Overtaken By Justin Morneau

an updated look at the American League All-Star voting from MLB.com . As you can see, Justin Morneau has taken the lead at first from Mark Teixeira, and rightly so. The rest seems pretty much the same.

1st Base

NAME TEAM TOTAL VOTES 1. Justin Morneau Twins 973,563 2. Mark Teixeira Yankees 931,405 3. Miguel Cabrera Tigers 659,965 4. Kevin Youkilis Red Sox 456,101 5. Carlos Pena Rays 309,051
2nd Base
NAME TEAM TOTAL VOTES 1. Robinson Cano Yankees 1,293,724 2. Dustin Pedroia Red Sox 725,081 3. Ian Kinsler Rangers 585,277 4. Orlando Hudson Twins 500,224 5. Ben Zobrist Rays 304,622
3rd Base
NAME TEAM TOTAL VOTES 1. Evan Longoria Rays 1,403,566 2. Alex Rodriguez Yankees 956,419 3. Michael ...

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