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Sunday April 14th 2024


Alex Rodriguez’s Hot Spring Start Shows He May Be Important 2015 Asset After All

class="ui-droppable">September 20, 2013—that's the last time Alex Rodriguez hit a home run in a New York Yankees uniform. (Or any uniform, for that matter.) It was a grand slam, which seems somehow fitting. A-Rod doesn't do anything half way.

The drought ended, sort of, on Wednesday, when Rodriguez launched one over the left-center field wall against the Boston Red Sox, which also seems somehow fitting. 

I said "sort of" a second ago because, well, it's spring. 

The home run doesn't add to Rodriguez's official career tally (654 and counting) just as his hot spring start doesn't mean he'll be raking in the Bronx this summer.

But if you're a Yankees fan searching for positive signs, here you go. After going ...

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