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Sunday September 27th 2020


Alex Rodriguez: New York Yankees Are Stuck with Overpaid Star No Matter What

class="ui-droppable">Every New York Yankees fan can agree on one thing: Alex Rodriguez needs to go.

While that is the overwhelming opinion of most in the Bombers' universe, there isn't a chance it's going to happen anytime soon.

With the exception of the 2009 playoffs in which A-Rod had a monstrous showing that led to a Yankee World Series run, the third baseman has been nothing short of a major headache for the organization, whether it be news about his numerous girlfriends or the ever-evolving case against him in the performance-enhancing drugs department.

The only way the Yanks can rid themselves of the annoyance that is A-Rod is to have the troubled star retire. That's right, not even a suspension for PEDs will keep A-Rod away for ...

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