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Wednesday May 22nd 2024


ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Comparing His Yankee Benjamins to Lou Gehrig’s Green

you look and listen closely, baseball stats are always swirling, smiling and singing out to be studied.  I call myself a baseball "webnaut" as I explore uncharted stat planets late at night.  On one of my recent travels, I focused on Lou Gehrig because my fantasy team is called the "Iron Horses."  Gehrig played all or parts of 17 Major League seasons.  I started scanning today's players and noticed Alex Rodriguez has played 17 Major League seasons. 


The stat cosmos were serving me up some ice cream to add to my apple pie.  I know, I shouldn't compare baseball eras, but Gehrig and A-Rod?  It's a modern day "Ginger vs. Mary Ann."  It's the type of thing that can waste away entire days ...

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