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Sunday June 23rd 2024


Alex Rodriguez’ Antics Reminiscent of Jose Canseco

days of domination are now fading, the pleading "love me" antics dialed back. Alex Rodriguez is still a phony, still an image-obsessed diva and yet he's more easily accepted in New York now than ever before, his World Series ring capably deflecting the scorn that plagued him in his early years as a Yankee. 

At age 36 and with a contract that runs through 2017, Alex Rodriguez should be a part of any success the Yankees attain in the near future, a very good player when he’s healthy. But therein lies the rub; Rodriguez signed a contract to be great, not a mere part of the Yankees' success but the reason for it.

That contract, a decade-long pact for $275 million dollars, bought the Yankees what was to be a player possessing ageless greatness, ...

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