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Monday February 26th 2024


ALCS: New York Yankees Can Chase Demons Tonight Against Angels

were four references to the 2004 ALCS in one hour of SportsCenter this morning. Your friends who are Red Sox fans have joked about the series on Facebook and Twitter since Tuesday. If you step outside your home or office, there's probably a single-engine plane flying overhead with a "2004 ALCS: You Blew It" message tailing behind.

You had to expect this. This is the Yankees' first opportunity to clinch an American League pennant since the team's infamous collapse against the Red Sox five Octobers ago. It would be weird if it didn't come up.

I was at Game Seven in 2004. That's the only way I still know for sure that it actually happened. It was a game that forever changed the franchise. For the first time ever, it gave the Yankees baggage.

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