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Friday August 12th 2022


ALCS: C.C. Sabathia Must Stand Up and Deliver for Yankees in Game 1

so sick of Cliff Lee.

It's nothing personal against the guy, and I'm choosing my words carefully here, since he's probably going to pitch every fifth day for my team next season.

But the three days separating the end of the ALDS and tonight's ALCS opener has spawned a level of hero worship not seen since Sully defeated the seagulls.

It's literally all people can talk about. Roy Halladay throws a perfect game? Who cares. Tim Lincecum strikes out 14 (probably while high)? Big deal. Cliff Lee mows down a pathetic Rays offense twice? American hero.

You could tell the Yankees were sick of hearing about Lee this week, too. The Rangers ace was the main line of questioning for the first two days of workouts at the Stadium, this despite the fact that ...

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