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Sunday May 19th 2024


ALCS 2010: Do The New York Yankees Still Have a Shot?

New York Yankees are now trailing 3-1 in the 2010 ALCS against the Texas Rangers. 

C.C. Sabathia will start against C.J. Wilson in Game 5 at 4:07 p.m. in New York. 

Anytime time that Sabathia is on the mound, especially at home, the Yankees have a great shot to win the game. 

However, it's just one game. The New York Yankees have to win Game 5 at home, then win both Games 6 and 7 in Texas.  

Do they have a shot to win the series? Absolutely. It is the New York Yankees that we are talking about. 

At this point, though, it would be one of the greatest comebacks in baseball history, requiring tremendous play and a bit of luck.   

Here is how the rest of the 2010 ALCS may ...

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