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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Acquisitions Signal Paradigm Shift for Cashman, New York Yankees Front Office

wasn't too long ago that the New York Yankees front office was the laughingstock of baseball.

With such close proximity to New York's 27th world championship, it's easy to forget that the franchise once traded borderline Hall-of-Famer Fred McGriff for Dale Murray and Tom Dodd, who logged one win and zero at-bats for the Yankees, respectively.

Even nightmares of Carl Pavano and his 40 million reasons not to pitch are a distant memory.

But when examining how the 2009 season culminated in a World Championship for the Yankees, one must understand their recent history:more specifically, how continued front office blunders have been replaced by championship-winning decisions. 

The story truly begins in spring training of 1998, ...

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