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Sunday June 16th 2024


Aaron Boone Leaning Toward Retirement

off-season has already begun for 26 major league baseball teams.  The off-season is filled with trades, signings, firings, hirings, and sadly retirements.  The New York Yankees have not started their off-season yet, and they don't want to until they're holding up a World Series trophy at a parade in New York.

But there are three other teams left in the postseason that also want to hold up a World Series trophy in the end.

The Yankees are currently preparing for a very tough series against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.  Their focus as well as many of the fans' focus is on the game.  But recently a Yankee hero has announced that he is leaning towards retiring from baseball.

The Yankee hero referred to is Aaron Boone, who ...

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