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Wednesday September 23rd 2020


5 Reasons Ichiro Suzuki’s First ‘Yankee Moment’ Will Lead to Clutch Finish

player who becomes a member of the New York Yankees doesn't really become a member of the New York Yankees right away.

No sir. Becoming a Yankee isn't a simple matter of putting on pinstripes. It's something that you have to earn.

So says the peanut gallery, anyway. For good or ill. 

If Ichiro Suzuki wasn't already a Yankee before, he certainly is now. He had by far his finest day as a Yankee on Wednesday, going a combined 7-for-8 in the Yankees' doubleheader sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays. He also made a terrific catch in the first game, and he became the first Yankee with four hits and four stolen bases in a game since Rickey Henderson in 1988 in the second game.

If ever there was a textbook example of a "Yankee Moment," ...

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