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Sunday May 19th 2024


5 Creative Fixes for the New York Yankees’ Horrible Offensive Attack

New York Yankees have put themselves about as far behind the 8-ball as one can be following two consecutive losses to the Detroit Tigers at Yankee Stadium in the ALCS.

Only three teams have ever rallied from an 0-2 deficit since the League Championship Series went to a seven-game format in 1985 (1985 Royals and Cardinals, 2004 Red Sox).

While it's certainly not over, the Tigers are trying to "stick a fork in it" quickly. A fully-rested Justin Verlander is set to start Game 3 in Detroit.

Thus far, the Yankees have hit a collective .205 in seven postseason games. Against the lights-out pitching presented by the Tigers' rotation in the postseason, that has sweep written all over it.

So, how can the Yankees break out of their funk?

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