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Saturday December 5th 2020


4 Ways Curtis Granderson Can Sneak into the AL MVP Race

do not normally make bold predictions. It is usually best to leave that up to the Nostradamus’s of the world.

Yet every now and then I get the mosquito itch to pick up the old magic eight ball and shake it. (Hey, please do not judge, for I am only human. After all, the magic eight ball is one addicting fortune-telling contraption)

Recently, I begged the question, while shaking the ball like a fresh container of orange juice: Could New York Yankees center field extraordinaire Curtis Granderson sneak up into the AL MVP race this season?

Suddenly, the bluish ink and bubbles cleared.

As I see it, yes the ball replied.

To this response, I could only shake my head.

“How?” I asked, only to ...

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