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Thursday May 23rd 2024


3 Reasons New York Yankees Shouldn’t Fire GM Brian Cashman

New York Yankees head into the offseason with a lot of questions unanswered.

Will Alex Rodriguez eventually be traded? What free agents will be signed? Will Joe Girardi lose his job?

All of these questions can only be answered by one man—general manager Brian Cashman.

But what happens when Cashman’s job is in question as well?

He’s been at the forefront of some successful deals like bringing in CC Sabathia and Curtis Granderson. However, he’s also been the head of failed signings as well—the experiments with A.J. Burnett and Javier Vazquez didn’t work out too well for the Bronx Bombers.

On paper, the 2012 Yankees were too good to fail. From Derek Jeter all the way down to ...

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