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Friday June 21st 2024


27 Ways To Piss Off Yankee Haters

you can already guess from the title of this article, I am a fan of the New York Yankees.  And because I am a fan of the Bronx Bombers, I am inclined to ask any non-Yankee fans this question:

"And how was YOUR Wednesday night?"

Mine was AWESOME and thank you for asking!

So many Yankee fans are writing about how elated they are that their team clinched their 27th World Title.  I have decided to write directly to Yankee fans.  This is for you.

Now that we've won, now is the time to rub it in.  Now is the time to go for the jugular. Now is the time to make your Yankee-hating friends really question the sanity of having you as a friend.  

You know you want to.  

This moment is nine years in the ...

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