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Monday November 30th 2020


2012 New York Yankees: Chavez, Ibanez, Soriano Winning the WAR over Injury

(Wins Above Replacement) is today's go-to statistic used to determine just how much value a player brings to a team's win-loss record. Admittedly, it still confuses me, and not just because there isn't one universal formula used for its calculation. It's the basic premise that I find baffling; WAR is designed to measure the disparity between a given player and a "replacement-level" player, the latter of which, as Baseball Reference clarifies, is not meant to be interpreted as "average."

Replacement-level players are typically minor leaguers, non-roster invitees or life-long bench guys—essentially, they are worse than average. The rationale, according to Baseball Reference, dictates that average players are generally more difficult to acquire (read: rarer) ...

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