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Wednesday May 29th 2024


2010 MLB Predictions: Why Nick Johnson Can Be Trusted

March, which means three things: 1) A friend or family member will do something (or someone) they regret on St. Patrick's Day; 2) Your genius will betray you in the form of busted NCAA brackets; and 3) You have a fantasy baseball draft on the horizon.

If you're a serious fantasy player—and not that hack from accounting who asks if A-Rod is available in Round 7—this means you've already begun preparation for the big day.

Everyone's draft strategy is more or less the same. You have your first-pick golden boy, the early-round targets, the sleepers who aren't really sleepers, the legitimate sleepers, the narcoleptic sleepers, and finally, the old reliables, i.e. players who seem to land on your roster year after year.

Nick ...

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