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Friday June 21st 2024


2010 MLB Playoffs: Brian Cashman Sees Return on His Investments

Yankees have been waiting a long time for Lance Berkman to do something. Actually, they've been waiting for him do to anything.

Before yesterday, his most notable achievement in pinstripes was hitting Alex Rodriguez in the shin with a line drive in batting practice. That happened in early August, and in all the time that followed, one of the greatest sluggers in Houston Astros history managed a single home run in New York.

The Big Puma was suddenly an endangered species. That's not a clever pun. I literally worried a bleacher creature was going to straight-up try to murder him, The Fan style.

But that's the beautiful thing about postseason baseball—you can wipe away months of bad faith with one good series. Or in Berkman's case, one good game.

Berkman ...

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