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Sunday June 23rd 2024


10 Reasons Why I Hate The New York Yankees

that time of year again that all fans cherish!  When we can belch, drink stuff that might power a locomotive, and scream at bad calls from umpires while making pathetic excuses for why our team finished 23 games out

Woe is us, the Seattle Sports fan.  We have very little to live for when it comes to our teams.  The Sonics are gone, the Mariners suck bad, the Huskies are two years removed from oh and twelve, the cross-state WSU Cougars are writing a new definition for "horrible,"  and the MLS Sounders appear to be the only playoffs this city will see in half a decade.  I can't even remember what a bowl game looks like! 

But there are plenty others out there in other cities who suffer with us, and nothing rubs ...

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