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Sunday June 23rd 2024


1 Improvement Every Key New York Yankees Player Must Make This Offseason

New York Yankees had the best record in the American League in 2012 but came up short of their annual goal: winning the World Series.

So, they have to get better. Additions to the roster via free agency and trade can improve the team, but each player can also be a part of improving the team by improving their play on the field.

Here is one way that each of the Yankees who are under contract for next year can improve, and improve the team by doing so.


Mark Teixeira

Going around the diamond, it starts with Mark Teixeira. Injuries hampered him in 2012, but he ended up with 24 home runs in 123 games, which put him on pace for over 30.

That's fine, but his batting average has dropped to Jason Giambi-esque ...

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