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Friday July 11th 2014

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The Most Intimidating Fans In Sports »

The orgin of the word "fan" is derived from the word fanatic.According to dictionary.com, the definition of the word fanatic is as follows: –noun 1.  a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal A loud, brash and rowdy fan base can be instrumental in giving a home team that edge to help them achieve victory.The following [...]

Austin Jackson and BABIP »

Via FanGraphs: Jackson’s profile does suggest that he should have an above average BABIP. He has a line drive rate of 25.8 percent and a ground ball rate above 50 percent, and both serve his speed quite well. As such, an above average BABIP should be expected. But there are limits. First of all, Jackson’s high line drive rate is [...]

New York Yankees Offense and Pitching Could Use Some »

The Yankees had to overcome a five run deficit last night to beat the Texas Rangers after Javier Vazquez's poor start, a start he shouldn't have even made. Javy's pitches topped out at about 85 mph last night, which is not good enough to get major league hitters out, let alone the heavy hitting Texas Rangers. Apparently he has a case of dead [...]

New York Yankees: Taking A Look At WAR »

So, a few weeks back I went through the OPS+ of every Yankee player. At the time, I found it somewhat interesting but of course I admitted that OPS+ really only judges a player as a hitter. Well, today I’d like to look at WAR—Wins Above Replacement—which is a stat that is more all-encompassing than OPS+. It takes into [...]

Mariano Rivera: Still “Mister Immortal?” »

The Sandman, the go-to-guy, the greatest closer to ever play the game.  Since his debut in 1995, Mariano Rivera has made quite a name for himself in the MLB. However with the sands of time drawing closer, and his 41st birthday only three months away, one can only wonder if he still possesses the immortal talents that have shown [...]

Andy Pettitte Rehabs Tuesday and Alfredo Aceves »

Via the NY Post: Andy Pettitte takes a big step today in his rehab program from a left groin injury in Tampa when he pitches in a simulated situation. If Pettitte doesn’t experience any problems, he would likely pitch in a minor league game Tuesday in Trenton (Double-A). When Pettitte went down on July 18, the Yankees hoped he would be [...]

Javier Vazquez Has Lost His Fastball »

Via the Star-Ledger: "'I reach back, and I see 88," said Vazquez, who was clearly frustrated after allowing six runs in 4 1/3 innings. "The fastball is not there. I don’t have any zip on it." Also missing: the movement on Vazquez' fastball. According to Pitch F/X, of all the pitches that Vazquez threw that were classified as fastballs, [...]

Yankees-Rangers Notes: Marcus Thames, Mark Teixeira »

It looked like just another night when the Yankees would be victimized by Cliff Lee, but the Yankees managed to chip away at him, as they scored four runs off him and knocked him out of the game in the seventh inning before going to work on the Texas bullpen. Marcus Thames hit an eighth-inning homer and put the Yanks ahead with a ninth-inning [...]

New York Yankees Get 2009 Swagger Back by Beating »

Game Notes The odds were stacked up against the New York Yankees before Texas Rangers Cliff Lee even threw his first pitch. By the top of the sixth inning, Lee was schooling the Yankees again, with a 6-1 lead, posting 11 strikeouts, no walks, and a stacked bullpen just waiting. Yankees Javier Vazquez pitched just shy of six innings. Vazquez is [...]

The New York Yankees’ Gutty, Gritty Return »

The Yankees struck out 17 times in last night's game. Javier Vazquez only lasted 4.1 innings, allowing eight hits, six earned runs, and two walks—making that two shaky starts in a row for Vazquez. Not to mention that the Yankees were down 6-1 to one of the best pitchers in baseball, Cliff Lee. Being down by even one run against Lee is a [...]

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