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Thursday May 24th 2018


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Robinson Cano’s Rise: From Doghouse To Penthouse »

With the sting of the New York Yankees loss to the Texas Rangers in the American League Championship Series still fresh in the minds of many Yankee fans, many are demanding drastic changes. The uninspired six game defeat to the upstart Rangers will surely result in some roster turnover. Pitching coach Dave Eiland has already had his fate [...]

Why Major League Baseball’s Playoff System Is »

Of all the major pro sports leagues, Major League Baseball's postseason is the least valid at crowning a champ.  This is for a number of reasons.  There is good news, however. Many positive tweaks to the playoff structure have already been discussed.  Time to shed light on just what is missing, and what actions should be taken. [...]

Dr. Lou Tells Us How to Fix Baseball: Stop the »

By Dr. Louis Marmon Baseball has loads of issues. The bats shatter and impale baserunners. The games are too long, and so is the season. Since when is the World Series supposed to be played in November? It is also clear that Bud Selig isn’t creative enough to figure out a way to effectively use instant replay. He claims that [...]

2011 New York Yankees: Almost Time To Go on Offseason »

Not repeating and no longer reigning as champions was not the game plan the New York Yankees had at the start of the 2010 season. Losing the ALCS to the Texas Rangers was heartbreaking. The Bombers elimination seemed almost unreal, as the Yankees were the stronger ball-club all season long. The blame-game is in full swing in New York, pointing [...]

Everyone’s Laughing at The NY Yankees »

Well, baseball fans: That inevitable time of year has, once again, come around.It’s the time of year when all of us get to jump up and down, laugh and celebrate.But wait, let me explain what we’re laughing at, and why we’re all laughing.Since 1901, the New York Yankees organization has been in existence.That means that [...]

New York Yankees, In Search of 28: 5 Musts For the »

Not to sound awkward, but it’s a good thing George Steinbrenner wasn't here to witness the disintegration of his New York Yankees.And not just in the ALCS—They looked off their game more or less since September. In fact, if not for the catastrophic injuries to the Red Sox this year, they may not have made it to the playoffs at [...]

Joe Girardi Did Very Little to Help Overmatched New »

In the end, the Rangers were simply better than the Yankees in every facet of the game. During the six games of the American League Championship Series, Texas outscored New York, 38-19, outhit the Bombers, .304 to .201, and outpitched them, 3.06 to 6.58 in the ERA category. The Yanks were also outmanaged. New York was the highest-scoring [...]

MLB Rumors 2010: Where Will These 10 Superstars Live »

The World Series hasn't even started yet and already MLB rumors about trades and free agents are heating up. Texas Rangers pitcher Cliff Lee is once again at the forefront of the offseason rumors as he will be a free agent this offseason, and many teams are lining up to get his signature. Besides Lee, this years crop of free agents is one of [...]

The Eiland Commission: Getting to the Bottom of a »

Area 51 in Nevada. JFK in Dallas. And now...Dave Eiland in the Bronx.The conspiracy theorists are out in full force this week following New York's surprise announcement that Eiland has been let go as pitching coach after a career in the organization.Every good conspiracy theory is born out the idea that an authority figure is being less that [...]

World Series Will Be Fine Without the New York Yankees »

By Leslie Monteiro FOX can’t be happy about what took place this weekend. The Rangers advanced to the World Series by eliminating the New York Yankees, and the Giants advanced to the World Series by eliminating the Phillies. The network needed the Yankees to get good ratings on primetime, because ratings mean more [...]

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