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Tuesday April 28th 2015

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New York Yankees Win ALDS: Can They Really Let Joe »

There is all this talk about Yankees skipper Joe Girardi walking away after the season and taking the job as the next Cubs manager. But if the Bombers win a consecutive championship, they have to keep him, right? I know that many Yankees fans have questioned Girardi's managerial skills. Heck, if you check with most fans they will point to one [...]

MLB Playoffs 2010: The New York Yankees Are the Team »

Entering the MLB postseason, analysts and other fans of the sports seemed to be skeptical of the New York Yankees chances to repeat their World Championship run from last year. Much of this skepticism centered around the lack of quality pitching following CC Sabathia in the rotation. However, in the Yankees sweep of the Minnesota Twins Sabathia's [...]

New York Yankees Sweep Minnesota Twins with 6-1 Win in »

The New York Yankees are the first team to advance in the postseason this year with their 6-1 win over the Minnesota Twins, who will spend another long, cold winter trying to figure out what went wrong again. The Yankees dominated the Twins in all aspects of the game and appear poised to retain their title as World Series Champions. While our [...]

Major League Baseball Playoff Scheduling Makes No »

Congratulations to the New York Yankees for sweeping the Minnesota Twins and moving on to the American League Championship series. What do the Yankees get for their efforts? How about six days off. That's right, Major League Baseball, along with their postseason partners TBS and FOX, have decided to start the ALCS when they think that the most [...]

Javier Vasquez: Does He Get a Start In The World »

Throughout the 2010 season, the New York Yankees had many pitching issues.  Like with A.J. Burnett, he was about as frustrating a pitcher you can come across.  What about Andy Pettitte, going down with an injury mid-season and forcing a spot-starter to go in his place. And then there's Javier Vasquez.  After starting the season much [...]

Mariano Rivera: How Long Can He Keep Dominating the »

Mariano Rivera is a 16-year Major League veteran, and at 40 years old he is still dominating hitters in their 20s, but the question is how long can this continue. Take a look at Rivera's career, and it's easy to tell this is a future Hall of Famer on the mound. What he has been able to do while seemingly only throwing one pitch has been [...]

10 Reasons Why I Hate The New York Yankees »

It’s that time of year again that all fans cherish!  When we can belch, drink stuff that might power a locomotive, and scream at bad calls from umpires while making pathetic excuses for why our team finished 23 games out Woe is us, the Seattle Sports fan.  We have very little to live for when it comes to our teams.  The Sonics [...]

Phil Hughes: His Long Journey to the 2010 Postseason »

Phillip Joseph Hughes, better known simply as Phil Hughes, has had a very tumultuous career thus far and has hurdled many challenges on his way to his postseason starting debut tonight in the Bronx. In high school, Hughes was a first team All-American pitcher, while posting a combined 21-1 record between his junior and senior years, including a [...]

Lance Berkman Doesn’t Like To Platoon/DH »

Berkman actually had a no-trade clause and a $15 million 2011 option with the Astros. When he was traded, in order to agree to waive his NTC, he had the Yankees promise not to use his option. It’s not often a player Berkman’s age wants a team to promise not to pay him $15 million, so it was a pretty strong indication that he [...]

New York Yankees Will Once Again Be Big Players in »

No matter what happens during the 2010 Major League Playoffs, the Yankees will immediately get to work in the offseason to either win a third straight title or try to get back on top after a one year hiatus. One free agent target most everyone in the industry agrees the Yankees will get their hands on is current Rangers ace Cliff Lee. Lee has been [...]

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