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Sunday December 11th 2016


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2010 MLB World Series: Cliff Lee’s Wife Was »

According to USA Today, Texas Rangers’ ace Cliff Lee's wife Kristen was harassed by New York Yankees fans, who spit and threw beer in her direction while also yelling obscenities. The Rangers ended up beating the Yanks, and have moved on to the World Series. Cliff Lee has a good chance of playing with the Yankees next season, and his wife [...]

Cy Young, Cy Younger or Cy-Bermetrics: Who Is American »

It’s only fitting that in what is dubbed "The Year of the Pitcher" there is no clear winner for the American League Cy Young Award. The 2010, baseball writers can vote using the traditional barometer of wins, losses and strikeouts; using sabermetrics, or "baseball math"; or by judging by what their eyes can see. New York Yankees’ C.C. [...]

New York Yankees Should Infuse Youth, Not Sign »

The New York Yankees teams in the past would spend their money at astronomical proportions during an offseason following an early playoff exit. One must hope the Yankees of this season will not follow the same model as it has proven to be detrimental over the course of time. The Yankees do not need to spend big on free agents, but instead should [...]

Atmosphere at Yankee Stadium Must Change »

The Yankees opened up their new palace last year. There was something lacking at their new stadium. Sure, the food over there is awesome. No one can escape watching that enormous jumbotron at the stadium. With that said, something did not add up. We saw many empty seats in the field level. It was detectable watching no one behind home plate. Fans [...]

Andy Pettitte Was Injured for the Yankees Playoff Run? »

By Eric Marmon When Joe Girardi shuffled his starting rotation between the New York Yankees ALDS against the Twins and the ALCS against Texas, everyone in NYC assumed it was a strategic maneuver to get Andy Pettitte in position to pitch a potential Game 7. The move was noticeable, but the reaction was mostly ho-hum. Well, not anymore. Yankees [...]

Yankees Fans to Mrs. Cliff Lee: We Might Spit on You, »

You really must be kidding me. Every Yankee fan you ask will tell you that Cliff Lee is going to be a Yankee next season—no matter what, lock down guaranteed. The Yankees can pay him the most and offer him the best chance to win championships. Well, it might benefit Yankee fans to control themselves a little bit when it comes to Lee's family [...]

Anatomy of the New York Yankees’ LCS Defeat »

It’s been a few days since the Bronx Bombers dropped Game 6 of the ALCS in Texas. And while the healing-process was undoubtedly delayed by Cooper’s drunken rants against all things Yankee and the decade-old ramblings from an endangered species called “Orioles Fans,” the fact that the Knicks are set to start the most [...]

Marion Jones and the Top 10 Liars In Sports History »

Cheating, betting, and scandals have been a part of sports ever since the beginning, whether it's to gain a competitive advantage over an opponent, rake in some extra cash, or a temptation that was just too hard to resist. The only thing worse than all of those things, though, is lying about it. Sooner or later the truth will come out, [...]

When Did Mickey Mantle Become Better Than Joe »

Mickey Mantle has become better than Joe DiMaggio despite the fact that Mickey played his last game in 1968 and Joe played his last game in 1951. How is this possible? The answer is that it is not possible.During his career, the baseball writers and the fans excoriated Mickey because he wasn't Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb, and Joe DiMaggio rolled into [...]

Dave Eiland Is Outta Here As New York Yankees Search »

Fans of the New York Yankees are still in shock over the defending champs quietly-into-the-night finish in the 2010 ALCS. And while there are the Knicks to look forward to, the true pinstripe die-hards are already focusing an eye on what looks to be a busy offseason. The first move was made yesterday, as General Manager Brian Cashman announced [...]

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