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Friday October 21st 2016


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Dave Eiland Is Outta Here As New York Yankees Search »

Fans of the New York Yankees are still in shock over the defending champs quietly-into-the-night finish in the 2010 ALCS. And while there are the Knicks to look forward to, the true pinstripe die-hards are already focusing an eye on what looks to be a busy offseason. The first move was made yesterday, as General Manager Brian Cashman announced [...]

New York Yankees Decisions: Eiland Dismissal Just the »

Yankees general manager Brian Cashman has started making changes. The Yankees were pushed from the playoffs by the Texas Rangers last week. Many decisions will need to be made as New York tries to regroup for next season. The first decision was made yesterday when the Yankees announced pitching coach Dave Eiland would not be returning. This [...]

Nick Swisher: What’s His Trade Market? »

With the New York Yankees officially eliminated from postseason play, it’s time to take a look at some of the moves they will make in the offseason. One of the potential moves that has been swirling around the rumor mill here in New York is that the Yankees may look to trade Nick Swisher. The thought process here is that the Yankees would [...]

Gazing Into the Crystal Ball: 5 Things That the Future »

Former Yankees manager Casey Stengel was photographed holding a baseball and gazing at it, as if it were a crystal ball, right after he was hired in 1949. Many Yankee staffers winced when they saw the pictures, but whatever he saw, it must have been good, because not only did he win the World Series his first year on the job, but he won the next [...]

New York Yankees Should Explain Why Dave Eiland Lost »

Who said the Yankees change how they operate now that George Steinbrenner died? Sure the manager and the general manager gets to stay despite falling short of winning a championship, but it doesn't mean any other people are safe. Yankees pitching coach Dave Eiland found out the hard way today. He was fired for personal reasons. Count this fan for [...]

New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman Earns Mediocre Grade »

Despite winning a World Series last fall, Yankees GM Brian Cashman kept busy over the winter. He acquired Curtis Granderson in a three-team deal that sent top outfield prospect Austin Jackson to Detroit along with lefty reliever Phil Coke, as well as starter Ian Kennedy to Arizona. If not for Granderson's late-season surge that came thanks to [...]

New York Yankees: Questions, Questions and More »

Now that the New York Yankees' dreams of a World Series repeat have ended, they enter the most uncertain postseason in recent memory. When they got on the bus at their hotel in Arlington, Texas, it wasn't taking them to Game 7. It was taking them home to face questions not about why they lost, but what they're going to do now. In losing to the [...]

New York Yankees: Has the Bronx Zoo Returned? »

If you followed the Yankees in the latter half of the 20th century, you know why the team earned the title “The Bronx Zoo.” From fights between Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson, to routine managerial firings, to passenger seat managing from George Steinbrenner, the Yankees were an absolute mess. As 2010 comes to a close for the New York [...]

Derek Jeter in a Boston Red Sox Uniform? New York »

NBC Sports Hardball Talk columnist Craig Calcaterra published a blurb asking if the idea of Derek Jeter leaving the Bronx for Boston would be such a bad thing. He even posted a picture of Jeter superimposed in a Red Sox uniform. While this makes for good talk show fodder, and probably stirs up the angst that is always brewing on the surface [...]

ALCS Game 6: Rangers Whip Yankees, Advance to World »

I must have missed the memo when Vladimir Guerrero turned into the Buddy Biancalana of the Texas Rangers. Joe Girardi kept walking Josh Hamilton and walking and walking him to get to Guerrero. This is the same Guerrero that hit .300/.345/.496 with 29 HR’s in the regular season. At some point Vlad was going to make Girardi pay for walking [...]

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