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Saturday October 24th 2020


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Chuck Greenberg Bashes New York Yankee Fans: Why Are »

By Shani Muschel Do you call yourself a sports fan, especially a New York sports fan? Then unless you’ve been living under a large rock covered by a large building in Timbuktu, you’ve been hearing about Rangers’ owner Chuck Greenberg’s ‘outlandish’ criticism of Yankee fans this week. Still haven’t got [...]

Hal Steinbrenner Disrespects Derek Jeter »

At the end of the day, it’s a business. That’s the line always thrown out during any player's contract negotiations, especially when the player is a fan favorite and a longtime resident. That said, if there was ever a guy bigger than the business, Derek Jeter would be it. However, during an interview with Michael Kay on 1050 ESPN, [...]

Texas Rangers: Hey, Yankees Fans, the Rangers’ »

By Tommy Willet From the mouth of Texas Rangers CEO Chuck Greenberg: “I thought Yankee fans, frankly, were awful. They were either violent or apathetic, neither of which is good. So I thought Yankee fans were by far the worst of any I’ve seen in the postseason. I thought they were an embarrassment.” We’ll pretend for a [...]

New York Yankees Offseason Questions (and Answers) »

OK Yankee fans. No more thoughts about the loss. The time for looking forward is now. We’ve already discussed Girardi’s fresh new contract, as well as looked at some of the players YOU want gone and the main reason why Cliff Lee won’t be allowed to come to New York. But we know you need to move on, and trust us, we do to. So, [...]

Jorge Posada Out, Jesus Montero In, and Other Moves »

By Eric Marmon Interesting read in the NY Post today, which took at a poll on their official website asking fans of the New York Yankees who they want back in pinstripes in 2011. The most noticeable was, when asked who they wanted to start the majority of games behind the plate for the Bronx Bombers next season, Yankee lifer Jorge Posada [...]

Dr. Lou Tells Us How to Fix Baseball: Stop the »

By Dr. Louis Marmon Baseball has loads of issues. The bats shatter and impale baserunners. The games are too long, and so is the season. Since when is the World Series supposed to be played in November? It is also clear that Bud Selig isn’t creative enough to figure out a way to effectively use instant replay. He claims that [...]

World Series Will Be Fine Without the New York Yankees »

By Leslie Monteiro FOX can’t be happy about what took place this weekend. The Rangers advanced to the World Series by eliminating the New York Yankees, and the Giants advanced to the World Series by eliminating the Phillies. The network needed the Yankees to get good ratings on primetime, because ratings mean more [...]

Andy Pettitte Was Injured for the Yankees Playoff Run? »

By Eric Marmon When Joe Girardi shuffled his starting rotation between the New York Yankees ALDS against the Twins and the ALCS against Texas, everyone in NYC assumed it was a strategic maneuver to get Andy Pettitte in position to pitch a potential Game 7. The move was noticeable, but the reaction was mostly ho-hum. Well, not anymore. Yankees [...]

Anatomy of the New York Yankees’ LCS Defeat »

It’s been a few days since the Bronx Bombers dropped Game 6 of the ALCS in Texas. And while the healing-process was undoubtedly delayed by Cooper’s drunken rants against all things Yankee and the decade-old ramblings from an endangered species called “Orioles Fans,” the fact that the Knicks are set to start the most [...]

Dave Eiland Is Outta Here As New York Yankees Search »

Fans of the New York Yankees are still in shock over the defending champs quietly-into-the-night finish in the 2010 ALCS. And while there are the Knicks to look forward to, the true pinstripe die-hards are already focusing an eye on what looks to be a busy offseason. The first move was made yesterday, as General Manager Brian Cashman announced [...]

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