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Tuesday October 27th 2020


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MLB Recap: 9 MLB Busts in Recent Memory »

While big free agent signings can be the dominating factor in a fan’s excitement about a team’s upcoming season, the thought of an electric prospect or those new acquisitions taking said team to a championship is the oh-so-sweetest thought of all.  So when those players—who have produced expectations of glory, maybe through [...]

MLB Trade Talks: 6 Teams Who Would Trade for Mark »

It has been a very successful three years for Mark Teixeira in New York. He has been accepted and eventually loved by the crowd for his ability to not only hit the long ball, but field the ball like few first basemen in the game can. He has won a title (2009), an objective of his coming to the team. His play in the postseason, however, has left [...]

Yankees Offseason Talks: Will Gio Gonzalez Solve Their »

The Yankees, like most teams in baseball, are in the hunt for prime pitching this offseason.  Though their rotation was decent in 2011, it has to be improved with both talent and youth in order to succeed in both the immediate and long-term futures.  One of the earliest signs of management life this winter was the alleged move to trade [...]

25 Greatest Pitchers in New York Yankees History »

The New York Yankees have been recognized for their championships and superstars over the past 100 years. Babe Ruth hit booming home runs and set eternal records and Mickey Mantle dashed across the outfield, dazzling the world with his effortless ability. What can sometimes go unnoticed are the pitchers in pinstripes. Unlike the Atlanta [...]

Yankees Offseason Talks: The Gang’s All Here, »

After much anticipation, but probably little panic by fans and the front office, C.C. Sabathia is back in pinstripes for 2012.  That’s obviously good news for the Yankees, but retaining him and other pieces somewhat reflects on what could be a downward trend for the team in the coming years.Along with the their ace, second baseman [...]

10 Reasons the New York Yankees Can Win the World »

It seems like forever since Mariano Rivera's subtle fist pump near first base in Game 6 of the 2009 World Series, verifying his fifth title and the Yankees' 27th in franchise history.  It was a fifth for Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada and Andy Pettitte, a group crowned the "Core Four" for their unflappable championship fortitude over the years.Two [...]

10 Free Agents the New York Yankees Will Look at This »

When push comes to shove in MLB's free agent market, the New York Yankees usually do both, jostling their way to the top of every player watch list in their never ending pursuit to assemble the best possible team. This coming winter will be no different. And with very good talent to be had, it may be even more important to land the big name before [...]

New York Yankees: Making the Case for Curtis »

About a year ago, Curtis Granderson and Yankees hitting coach made some adjustments to his swing, basically making his swing more compact, allowing him to unleash a quicker bat with more power.  Since then, the Yankees' center fielder has been arguably the best player in the American League, improving all facets of his game.For nearly the [...]

Where Do New York Yankees Hitters of Today Match Up »

Baseball's past is the richest in all of American sports.  The sample size is like no other, with thousands of players having filtered through generations of the game.  The fraternity is so large, in fact, that it is most likely possible to link every current player to one in the past that was anywhere from remotely to remarkably similar [...]

Surprisingly, an Expected Surge by Derek Jeter in the »

Earlier this season, I will be the first to admit my worries for the fate of shortstop Derek Jeter were elevated.  For one, he is my second-favorite athlete in history behind Tiger Woods, so the idea of a preemptive failure was a bit troubling to bear.  But more realistically, it looked like his skills were diminishing without return. [...]

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