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Friday September 18th 2020


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New York Yankees Free Agents Who Won’t Get Paid »

Well, looks like the New York Yankees are going to have extra time this offseason to figure out their roster.  One of the things they'll need to do is decide who to bring back.  The Yankees have a number of contracts coming off the books.  Some, like Mariano Rivera, will be an easy decision.  Others will be tougher.Then there [...]

New York Yankees: Who Should Start Game 1? »

Ah, October.It just feels right that the New York Yankees are going to have another eventful October. The first question they'll have to answer is who will pitch Game 1 of the playoffs, whether that be in the one-game wild-card playoff or in the divisional series.There are a lot factors to consider. The Yankees can't have someone who pitched a day [...]

5 Reasons the New York Yankees Offense Is Not Built »

The New York Yankees are currently holding onto first place in the AL East for dear life.  With a few more clutch games like the previous two, they should be able to make it to the playoffs.But that's where the real test begins.  The Yankees have enough to get into the playoffs, but the question is: Do they have enough to succeed [...]

NY Yankees: Tough Fight for AL East Will Help Bombers »

Things are not going well for the New York Yankees.  They've only won seven of their last 20 games, and a once-strong lead in the AL East has slowly dwindled.  The Bronx Bombers now face a fight to the death for first place in the division.  The Yankees are locked in a tie with the Baltimore Orioles, of all teams, for first in the [...]

New York Yankees: 10 Keys to Beating Orioles and Rays »

It's no secret that the New York Yankees are fading fast.  A once comfortable lead has dwindled down to stress-inducing levels.  They have a 4-6 record in their last 10 games.  They have lost three of their last four series.The Yankees are entering perhaps their most important stretch of games this season.  The next seven games [...]

Ranking the Most Disappointing New York Yankees »

September is soon upon us, as is postseason baseball.  As people look forward to the glory that is October, I look back at the 2012 season remembering the expectations for the New York Yankees going into the season.One of the most favorite pastime of us sports writers is to decide which player had a disappointing season.  Now there are [...]

Who Will Replace Derek Jeter as New York Yankees »

2014.That's the year Derek Jeter's contract is up with the New York Yankees.  After that season, Jeter can presumably, and likely will, walk away from the game of baseball.  He has a player option for the 2014 season which will likely be picked up, but after that, who knows what'll happen.Of course, Jeter could very well get another [...]

MLB Trade Speculation: Possible Waiver Targets for the »

August is the month for waiver trades where teams try to make some last-minute additions to bolster their team for the playoffs. The New York Yankees are one of those teams, and they really need to make some additions.They're still waiting on Andy Pettitte and Alex Rodriguez to return. Michael Pineda, Brett Gardner and Mariano Rivera are out for [...]

New York Yankees Trades: Grading Brian Cashman’s »

It's been a week since the trade deadline.  Brian Cashman stayed relatively quiet this season, and we're seeing the immediate results of his decisions.The New York Yankees have been on a bit of a slide lately, losing 10 of their last 17.  Of course, a lot of this has to do with the flow of the MLB season, as teams are bound to have bad [...]

10 Reasons the Yankees Struck Out at the MLB Trade »

The trade deadline has come and gone, and the New York Yankees haven't, well, done much.  They went out to plug some holes in the team, but those holes are still there for the most part.Their biggest acquisition was Ichiro Suzuki, who's a shell of his MVP, 200 hits, 40 stolen-bases self.  The other acquisition was Casey McGehee, who [...]

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