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Sunday November 1st 2020


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2010-11 MLB Offseason: New York Yankees Still Have a »

Brian Cashman and the entire Yankees organization are still hiding under the covers. It’s been a rough offseason for New York; not necessarily because they missed out on talent, but because the organization was continually embarrassed. It started, of course, with Cliff Lee. After we were led to believe that Lee would be a Yankee without any [...]

Cliff Lee to the Philadelphia Phillies: Why the New »

Everyday on the way to school, I pick up a copy of AM New York, a local newspaper in New York City. While sifting through the pages, I see an article entitled “Yankees wait on Cliff Lee.” Just then, my phone vibrated. It was an e-mail from my fellow writer Steve Lenox. “I was right,” he said, and went on discussing the [...]

Edge of a Cliff: If Cliff Lee Does Not Sign With the »

Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee. Did I mention Cliff Lee? If you're Brian Cashman, a Yankee fan or anyone living in or near New York, you are probably beginning to get tired of hearing the name of someone who, as of right now, has nothing to do with the New York Yankees. Sure, Lee is worth the hype. After leading the league with a 2.54 ERA and [...]

Derek Jeter Negotiations: Pride vs. Power »

Since 1901, only nine shortstops age 37 or above hit over .270 in a season. Derek Jeter will qualify as the 10th player in that category next season, and the New York Yankees are well aware of that. Sure, if you are going to bet on someone entering that group (that happens to include six Hall of Famers), it might as well be Jeter. For the Yankees, [...]

New York Yankees’ History Should Determine Derek »

After the 1934 regular season, Jacob Ruppert, then Yankees owner, offered to make Babe Ruth the manager of the Yankees’ top minor-league team, the Newark Braves. Ruth’s wife and business manger advised Ruth to reject the offer, and he took their advice. That would end his 15 year stint with the Yankees, during which he hit 659 home [...]

MLB Rumors: Carl Crawford To the New York Yankees? »

Besides Cliff Lee, Carl Crawford is possibly the most talented free agent on the market. He is near the top in stolen bases every year, he can hit above .300, and he is young. No team doubts the difference that Crawford can make. Thus far, Crawford has seen some interest thrown his way. The Angels seem to be the leading contender in the contest, [...]

AL East Losing Some of It’s Power? »

Summing up the power of the American League East is simple. Just consider this startling statistic: In the last four years, three separate teams from the American League East have made the World Series. Furthermore, in 15 seasons since the wild-card was introduced, only five teams other than the Yankees or Red Sox have won the award. Simply put: [...]

New York Yankees: The Danger of Re-Signing Derek Jeter »

Pretend for a moment that you are the general manager of a Major League Baseball team. You have a bunch of money coming off the books this offseason, and your job is simple: Get your team to the World Series. As you enter the offseason, you have your priorities. In your particular situation, you need a shortstop. Your organization has some young [...]

New York Yankees: Why They Absolutely Need Cliff Lee »

Nobody doubts the power of Cliff Lee. In nine postseason starts in his career, he has an ERA below two and a SO/BB ratio of above nine. After winning the Cy Young in 2008, Lee has blown away hitters in both leagues, recording earned-run averages below 3.50 for three different teams in two seasons. Toward the end of 2010, he helped the Rangers get [...]

New York Yankees: Has the Bronx Zoo Returned? »

If you followed the Yankees in the latter half of the 20th century, you know why the team earned the title “The Bronx Zoo.” From fights between Billy Martin and Reggie Jackson, to routine managerial firings, to passenger seat managing from George Steinbrenner, the Yankees were an absolute mess. As 2010 comes to a close for the New York [...]

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