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Friday April 19th 2024


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Roger Clemens: Grow Up, Take off Your Diapers and Tell »

There is just one logical, sensible and proper line of advice to give Roger Clemens, even now as his federal grand jury trial on perjury charges has been declared a mistrial. Time to put on your big boy pants, Roger. Go ahead. Get them out of storage. Look in your drawer and see if they’re buried under your “The Dog Ate My [...]

Yankees Buy Another World Series, Here Comes Another »

  Three of the most hysterical, knee-slapping, laugh out loud moments of mirth witnessed recently. 1. WAC Commissioner Karl Benson’s statement about the Boise State Broncos: “They certainly have established themselves as a credible, legitimate, bona fide top 10 team.” — No offense to the coaches, players, fans and the guy who dipped too [...]