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Friday April 19th 2024


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Phillies-Yankees: Game Six Notes, Watching the »

Coming into tonight's game, despite my love for Pedro Martinez, I knew that a win was going to be all on the offense. They weren't ever going to win a 2-1 game in New York, not against this offense, and not with this bullpen. There was hope that they could slug their way to a win, of course; the Yankee starters weren't used to working on three [...]

Phillies-Yankees Game 5 Notes »

> And we're back, because this has gone so well the last two times I've tried this. Stout heart! Firm belief! Cliff Lee! I might also still be drunk. > In that all important portion of the game where I'm not really watching due to being a less than totally worthless Dad, the Phils took a big early lead on the continued relentless [...]

Top 10 Notes About Game One of the Phillies-Yankees »

10) Writing a notes column on a game and night like this is downright tricky. Do you refuse to write the lede ahead of time, knowing that baseball has no clock and if it turns, you will blame yourself for the jinx? Or do you wallow in the good fortune and trust that the man who has taken you this far, all the while looking like he's working [...]