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Friday April 19th 2024


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MLB Hall of Fame: Making a Belated Case for Tommy John »

Tommy John’s hopes of a bust in Cooperstown have long since died. In 2009, the BBWAA unceremoniously snuffed out his candle and sent him into MLB Purgatory with only 31 percent of the ballots. If the Veterans’ Committee does not act upon him within 15 years, he will be resigned to MLB Hell. It is a shame too, because John is one of [...]

Yankee Nick Johnson on the DL Again…I Told You »

New York Yankee Designated Hitter Nick Johnson has been placed on the Disabled List for 15 days.I am not going to pretend to not be the guy who says, "I told you so". But you know what, I told you so!In an article here on Bleacher Report, I wrote that I couldn't imagine why the Yankees with all of the money in the baseball universe, would want to [...]

New York Yankees All African-American Team »

This is my most recent endeavor. I am compiling All-Franchise Teams based on African Americans. The idea came to me as a result of the recent hiring of Joe Morgan by the Cincinnati Reds. Morgan brought to light the decline in African-American players in MLB. I have decided to start with the Yankees. It is part of my master plan to complete the [...]

Derek Jeter and The New York Yankees: Time To Talk »

Why would the New York Yankees neglect to re-sign Derek Jeter before now? At the end of this season he will be a free agent. This is the final year of a 10-year $189M contract. It is not good to send you franchise hit leader into Spring Training with the thought of free agency on his mind. There is more than one team that would be delighted to [...]

With Melky Cabrera Traded, The NY Yankees Are Outfield »

By Caesar Cliffius ------------------------ The New York Yankees sent Melky Cabrera to the Atlanta Braves for a return engagement of pitcher Javier Vazquez . The move may have helped support the pitching staff but it has left the outfield as weak as water. Cabrera, 24,  played in 154 games in 2009 with 103 of them in center field. He batted [...]

Why Are the New York Yankees Obtaining Nick Johnson? »

Why on earth do the New York Yankees want Nick Johnson? Being frustrated at talks with outfielder Johnny Damon is not a legitimate reason to sign an overpaid injury-plagued journeyman. Johnson started his big league career with the Yankees in 2001, when he tipped the scales higher than his batting average of .194. He stayed in New York for three [...]

By Acquiring Curtis Granderson, the New York Yankees »

First things first, I don’t hate the New York Yankees. My best friend loves them, so I must dignify everything I say about them. The latest acquisition , center fielder Curtis Granderson , late of the Detroit Tigers, is the most recent arrow in the quiver of Yankee haters everywhere. Easily one of the better center fielders in the game, [...]

SHOCKING NEWS: Andy Pettitte Will Be Back with the NY »

To report that Andy Pettitte will be back on the mound for the New York Yankees in 2010 is no more surprising than saying they will play their home games in the beautiful, new mini-park known as Yankee Stadium. Yet, ESPN reported it today. If you will still be 37 until just before the All-Star break, and you can make at least $6,000,000 playing a [...]