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Tuesday December 7th 2021


MLB Hall of Fame: Making a Belated Case for Tommy John

John’s hopes of a bust in Cooperstown have long since died. In 2009, the BBWAA unceremoniously snuffed out his candle and sent him into MLB Purgatory with only 31 percent of the ballots. If the Veterans’ Committee does not act upon him within 15 years, he will be resigned to MLB Hell.

It is a shame too, because John is one of baseball’s nice guys. Hell, he even has a medical procedure named after him, shouldn’t that count for something?

Some think that he doesn’t come close to meeting the qualifications of a true Hall of Famer. I disagree, and will attempt, without sleight of hand, to win you over.

Some claim that he pitched longer than Christ walked the earth. That is nonsense, Jesus lived to the age ...

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