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Sunday April 14th 2024


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New York Yankees Fans: “Go Rays!” »

A big four-game series starts Thursday night, and the Yankees will only be spectators.Yes, I'm talking about the Red Sox-Rays series at Fenway. Just before the season began, the Boston Red Sox were proclaimed AL East champions by just about every MLB "expert" from every media outlet in the country.  The Red Sox were going to run away with the [...]

Yankees vs. Red Sox: Thoughts on the Francisco »

Francisco Cervelli has way more energy than I do. If I had one ounce of the energy Cervelli has I would not have waited as long as I have waited since my last post to this blog.Apologies to all my loyal readers and advertisers out there for not doing a good job here lately.Cervelli doesn't need to apologize. I love the way this guy plays the game. [...]

Hideki Irabu: Forever a Part of the New York Yankees »

When I first heard the news today of Hideki Irabu's passing, one of the first things that came to mind was a question: Will the Yankees hold a moment of silence for him before tomorrow's game at the Stadium? As every Yankee fan knows, Irabu's tenure with the team was an unsuccessful one, so much so that when he left, he was forgotten quicker than [...]

New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter and 2011 MLB »

The question comes up every year: How do you improve All-Star game ratings?I've heard a lot of ideas.Some advocate moving the game to Wednesday in order to give aces who pitched on the Sunday before a chance to play in the game. Others want to drop the mandate that every team has to be represented. One person actually waved the white flag, [...]

New York Yankees: Looking Back at the Cubs Series »

Ah, Wrigley Field. One of the great places to watch a Major League Baseball game. The hand-turned scoreboard. The rooftop seats. Day games. Ivy. Beautiful Wrigley Field. Really?I've never been to Wrigley Field. I've never seen the scoreboard or the seats or the ivy, except on television, and on television it looks just like any other ballpark. [...]

New York Yankees Face Injuries, Indians, Injuries, »

If you came here expecting to find a post titled Looking Back at the Indians Series, you won't find one.I have been up to "here" with work and other things the last few days and I just couldn't find the time to sit down and write it. I'll just say I was glad to see the Yankees take three out of four from Cleveland and it was also nice to [...]

New York Yankess: Looking Back at the Red Sox Series »

I'm calling this recap "the retaliation edition" because, if you're a Yankee fan, that was the only good part of the series.Until last night, David Ortiz had never been hit by a pitch thrown by a Yankee. CC Sabathia changed all that when he threw a ball right at Big Papi's leg. Yankees Universe knew it was coming because both Derek Jeter [...]

New York Yankees: Looking Back at the Blue Jays Series »

In case you've been living under a rock, let me just state that Curtis Granderson has been the Yankees' best player so far this season.That distinction has earned him some extra attention from the YES Network.Before the Blue Jays came to town this week, YES ran a series of promos for the series that featured major league home run leader [...]

New York Yankees: Looking Back on the Opening Day »

The 2011 Yankees appear to be off to a good start after taking two out of three in their opening series against the Detroit Tigers.  Here are my thoughts on the series: Highlights 1. The Yankee offense was in mid-season form. Nine home-runs were hit, including three by notoriously slow-starter Mark Teixeira. Seeing all the balls leave [...]

Thoughts About The Yankees 2011 Rotation »

With Opening Day now less than a week away, the New York Yankees appear to be finalizing their pitching staff, particularly their five-man rotation. This finalization, and what they apparently will go to war with, has got me worried. No announcements have been officially made yet, but based on what's been going down in the last day or two, it [...]

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